Saipan Beaches

Saipan is Surrounded by Beautiful Exotic Beaches


Surrounded by a coral reef, Saipan boasts some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world….spectacular blue lagoons are never more than 5 miles from wherever you live on the island. One of the most popular beaches is Micro Beach, in front of the Hyatt Resort where you can grab a chair and an umbrella, drink margaritas, rent surfboards and snorkle gear, and splash around in the crystal clear, warm waters of the lagoon. Another popular destination is Managaha Island, which is a 10 minute boat ride from Micro Beach. Managaha has a beautiful white sand beach, a snack bar, volleyball nets, camp sites, and excellent snorkling.

Managaha Island is undoubtedly the prettiest beach in Saipan. It is surrounded by clear, blue, shallow waters, flourishing with sea life, making for an excellent snorkeling adventure. The island is always on every visitor’s list of things to see while on Saipan. Soft white sand beaches dotted with shaded barbecue pavilions spread around the outer edges of the island, all connected by a common pathway that envelopes the island. The interior of the island is just as stunning with its secluded trees and random animal life. Managaha Island is just a quick boat ride away.

You can catch a ride to the island through Tasi Tours, or by booking a ride through any of the hotels in Garapan village. Once you get to the island, there are picnic tables, volleyball nets, a snack shop, rest rooms, and a gift shop. Don’t forget to bring your snorkle gear to see some amazing sea life. Or relax with a book and just soak up the rays. This is one of Saipan’s favorite spots, with camp sites available if you want to spend the night on your own secluded island.  Don’t miss this stop! This will be one of the most fun and memorable excursions of your trip and its many stunning photo opportunities make for great memories!

If you just want to get away from the crowds, however, simply walk along beach road and enjoy miles of beautiful, uncrowded white sand beaches.

Enjoy the video of beautiful Managaha Island below…………


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