A Slice of Paradise Awaits You in Saipan!


Couple-Retiring-in-SaipanIt is important to understand that Saipan is a Commonwealth state in the CNMI which is a US “territory.” We use that term to make it easier for people to understand its relationship to the U.S. It is actually a commonwealth in political relationship with the United States so US Citizens are free to come and go as they please. It is NOT a foreign country as far as US citizens are concerned. There is no change in citizenship that is required for you–as a US citizen–to live here. All you need is some sort of proof of US citizenship. US citizens without passports may show birth certificates or other proof of citizenship. You will typically be required to show this at the time you START your trip. Airlines will not allow you to embark on your overseas journey to Saipan without such proof.

So why Retire In Saipan?  Let’s Discover the Pros And Cons of Settling Here….

Saipan offers a unique retirement location with many advantages compared to other countries, particular in the USA..

It Is Very Easy to Fall in Love With Saipan:

• Cheap Beach Front Housing

• Its Island Culture

• A Perfect Tropical Climate

• Its Friendly People

• Delicious Food

• No Visa Requirements

• No Traffic Congestion

• Clean Air

• No Pollution

• No Drive By Shootings

• Beautiful Women

• Pristine White Sand Beaches

• Spectacular Tropical Sunsets

• An Affordable, Great Lifestyle, and Much More!!!

You also get to enjoy eating healthy foods and fruits. There is quality health and dental care on the island.  Your Medicare and Medicaid are readily accepted at modern medical facilities on Saipan.  Emergency response is quick in most populated areas. Not only that but you’ll find Saipan to be tolerant and most importantly, a safe place to live.

Seafood fresh from the sea is available just about everywhere. If you eat like the local people do, there is no way that you will be overweight and if you are,  you slowly but surely will lose weight. In Saipan you will never starve to death.

You Will Enjoy The Entertainment and Nightlife of Saipan

There is absolutely no shortage of entertainment and nightlife venues in Saipan. Entertainment and nightlife is not just for tourists, expats, or people who retire in Saipan….the locals love to party and socialize.

There Are:

• American Bars

• live Concerts

• Karaoke Bars

• Discotheques

• Nite Clubs

and much more!  Popular bars to check out are Godfathers, Blue Koi Tavern, Naked Fish and Shenanigans.

International restaurants with or without live music are just about everywhere on Saipan, and whatever your appearance, sexual or religious orientation, you will always be welcomed. For some delicious island cuisine I recommend Kinpachi Restaurant, The Shack Bistro, Oleai Beach Grill, La Trattoria and JC Cafe.

Accommodations can be found on Saipan for every budget, depending on how much you can afford and where you want to live…..prices start as low as  $200 a month close to the beach. Nice and safe furnished places you can check out are the Pastel Inn(furnished studios, 1 and 2 bedroom beachfront apartments for $250-$450 month–call 233-8880), the Bianca Hotel(furnished studios, 1 bedroom units with cable and internet, walk to beach, $200-$300 month) and the Micro Beach Hotel(furnished rooms with cable and internet, walk to beach, $500 month). If you can’t find a place at one of these places, drive along beautiful Beach Road and check out the many beachfront apartments you will find there.

If you like to travel, Saipan has a central location in Asia and you can travel to neighboring countries within a short time and for fairly little money.

Saipan’s immediate neighbors are:

• Guam

• Philippines

• Japan

• Thailand

• Korea

• Singapore

• Hongkong

• Malaysia.

Flights from Saipan are competitive and it’s easy to fly to Guam, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore, the Philippines and many other destinations.

Beautiful Exotic Beaches on Saipan

Surrounded by a coral reef, Saipan boasts some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world….spectacular blue lagoons are never more than 5 miles from wherever you live on the island.

Starting A New Business on Saipan is Easy

Saipan’s Government officially encourages foreign investment and business. It’s  easy for foreigners to own and operate a business on Saipan….it is a lot easier than many other countries. This can be of importance if you are semi retired and need additional income. Saipan is excellent for people who work from home/computers and are not bound to a specific location.

Relax in a Carefree Environment

When nothing else works anymore the Saipan people have the Hafa Adai Never Mind attitude. No Problem. This is a great attitude and very stress free. If you retire in Saipan you will quickly adopt this attitude and live this stress free way of life!

Saipan is the main island of the Northern Marianas Group, each with their own character and beautiful white sandy beaches. Tinian and Rota are the most popular, located only 20 miles from Saipan. Some people who retire here move to one of these Islands and live in isolation, completely away from modern society.

You Will Feel Safe on an Island With a Low Crime Rate

Saipan is a safer place to travel and live than compared to many other countries. Crimes that do occasionaly occur are petty and usually involve local people. Common sense will keep you safe. Retire in Saipan, don’t get involved in illegal activities and you will be safer than in most other countries.

Making the Decision to Retire in Saipan Today!

Make a change to enjoy a life of health and happiness before it’s too late… a U.S. citizen, you have the option of retiring on Saipan and enjoying a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle. Of course it requires a decent income, but with only a basic retirement income of $1000 a month, you will be able to live very well on Saipan. As America’s unknown tropical paradise, Saipan’s beautiful white sand beaches, perfect climate and slow pace of life, offer the kind of pacific island paradise you’ve always dreamed about….I hope you find my website provides a better understanding of this enchanting pacific island, and helps you in your search for the best place to retire. If you have any questions, please Contact me Online….good luck in your search for retirement in paradise!

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